We’ve all been told to slather on sunscreen before heading outside, not just once, but many times over. But, there’s a reason behind this nagging: Sunscreen is important to your long-term health. Many years from now, you’ll thank yourself for including sunscreen in your daily routine, as it will protect your skin against skin cancer and premature aging. It’ll also help keep you comfortable now by preventing sunburn. 

Preventing Sunburn

In the short term, wearing sunscreen protects your skin against sunburn. Sunburn occurs after excess ultraviolet (UV) rays exposure, usually from the sun, and it causes painful inflamed skin. Frequent sunburns, especially at a younger age, can cause irreversible DNA damage that increases the risk of skin cancer. So, by wearing and reapplying sunscreen whenever you spend time outside, you can avoid uncomfortable sunburns that may cause long-term damage to the skin.

Reducing Skin Cancer 

Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, even when it’s cloudy, will help lower your risk of skin cancer. The sunscreen will keep your skin from receiving UV radiation, which accumulates over time and can eventually lead to skin cancer. In addition to genetic factors, the amount of UV radiation that you’ve received will determine your risk of skin cancer. While you can’t control genetic factors that may put you at a higher risk of skin cancer, you can manage the amount of UV radiation that you receive by wearing sunscreen every day. 

Fending Off Signs of Aging

As well as increasing skin cancer risk, unprotected sun exposure can lead to premature skin aging. Being out in the sun without sunscreen on a regular basis can speed up the aging process of the skin by reducing its elasticity, strength, and hydration. This can lead to wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, and a leathery texture. 

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