Surgical Reconstruction

Skin cancer removal is essential to your health and longevity, but it often leaves behind a scar. Surgical reconstruction makes it possible to restore the look and function of your skin after surgery.

Dr. Bowman specializes in innovative and comprehensive surgical reconstruction techniques. For many patients, this type of procedure is nearly as valuable as removing the cancer itself. Surgical reconstruction can help you reclaim your confidence and sense of self after skin cancer removal.

How Is Surgical Reconstruction Performed?

The type of surgical reconstruction you receive is determined by the extent and intensity of your skin cancer.

  • Primary closure: After surgery for minor defects, the skin can heal on its own with the help of sutures
  • Local flap closure: Larger, deeper wounds near healthy tissue are corrected with a flap closure that pulls together surrounding skin.
  • Skin grafting: Superficial lesions are reconstructed with healthy pieces of skin called grafts. Skin grafts cover the damaged tissue like a bandage.
  • Structural grafting: If cancer has affected underlying cartilage, structural grafting may be required. This is most common on the ears and nose.

Before any reconstructive surgery, Dr. Bowman meets to discuss your cosmetic goals and severity of the wound. He developed a personalized surgical reconstruction plan to help you erase all signs of your skin cancer surgery.

What To Expect from Surgical Reconstruction

The nature of your surgical reconstruction hinges on the stage and type of cancer he removes. Your surgical reconstruction may be performed with light sedation or full anesthesia depending on the degree of damage Dr. Bowman seeks to correct. Similarly, Dr. Bowman may recommend an in-office or hospital procedure based on its complexity.

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